Custom Whether perfume’s gender is essential to users

By John Doe / January 19, 2021 / 5 min read

“According to Mintel, gender-neutral fragrance launches accounted for 17% of the market in 2010; by 2018 that figure had grown to 51%,” says in the article “Smell like you: why gender-free is the future of fragrance.”
We decided to find out whether perfume’s gender is essential to users. We do not insist on any significant discovery or highly scientific approach in our research. We see the trend, and we often hear from the perfume users that it does not matter what gender perfume was marketed — the only matter whether you like it or not. You can find what we have found out below.


We analyzed the perfume collections of 43 perfume lovers (22 men and 21 women) published on the r/fragrance thread with a total of 664 perfumes.
According to the perfume’s descriptions, men mentioned in their collections 270 male perfumes, 92 unisex fragrances, and 26 female perfumes. Women declared 213 female scents, 54 unisex, and 9 male fragrances.The most popular female perfumes among men were Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford, D&G Light Blue (eau de toilette and Intense). Among male fragrances in women’s collections, there was mostly famous perfumes, such as Vintage by John Varvatos, Noir Extreme Eau de Parfum Tom Ford, Encre Noire à L’Extrême by Lalique.
There has been no conclusion yet. We are going to look deeper and examine this question more thoroughly.

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