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How to Build Your Perfect Perfume Collection with Aromoshelf

Somebody calls it a rabbit hole, somebody - a fragrant hobby, but anyway, it's a deeply personal and subjective experience to build your fragrance collection. You constantly smell new fragrances because you are curious about how the next one smells. New technologies carefully store information about the path traveled and tell us where to go next. Here are some tips on how you can use our app to build, organize and grow your fragrance collection and experience:


1. Take notice of the perfume concentrations

Perfumes come in various concentrations and types of application. And very often, it's not only about different levels of fragrance oils and lasting power but also the different smells when the producer wants to highlight another perfume note in the end product. You may compare, for instance, Mitsouko Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Eau de Parfum (EDP) from the Legendary collections by Guerlain or 1000 EDT and EDP by Patou. Our application helps you remember which particular concentration you smelled and how much you liked it.

2. Don't forget: perfumes unfold in different ways

Some perfumes unfold gradually. Some are more linear. Each one has its lasting power and sillage. Some perfume notes gain beauty and power in the rain, and some are under the scorching sun. You may easily save such a fragrance experience in our application and add some personal remarks regarding your experience with a perfume to remember when this particular fragrance sounds its best.


3. Learn fragrance language

Understanding fragrance terminology can help you navigate reviews and descriptions when shopping online. Fragrance blogs and reviews can provide valuable insights from other perfume enthusiasts. In Aromoshelf we are collecting articles from different blogs about each perfume on their profile page to help you navigate and choose.

4. Consider buying perfumes appropriate for different occasions and events

The fragrance world can be exciting and overwhelming when selecting the right perfume for any occasion. Whether preparing for a casual daytime outing or a formal evening event, finding the perfect scent that complements the occasion and your style is essential. Here are some points on which you should pay attention to:
● Consider the nature of the event to determine the level of intensity and sophistication your perfume should have.
● Get to know fragrance families. Each category carries a distinct vibe suitable for different occasions.
Our app, we provide you with information for which season the chosen perfume would fit.

5. Explore different scents to see what attracts you

Stick your nose into everything that smells and see which scent resonates with you. It doesn't matter what it will be. It can be spices in the kitchen, flowers in the garden, stones heated by the sun or washed by the ocean, or the smell of a train or subway. It helps you develop your ability to smell and understand what you like personally; afterward, our app will help you find the reflection of your desired scent using filters by notes.

6. Track your feeling while wearing a perfume

Think about how a scent makes you feel and choose fragrances that align with the mood you want to convey. If a fragrance evokes positive emotions, it's likely a good fit for you. If you're using our perfume application, you can write your thoughts regarding the scents and emotions they evoke in a virtual Diary we provide.


7. Make your buying wisely

Head to a perfume store to test different scents on your skin. Wear the fragrance for a while to experience how it evolves on you. Our application has built-in algorithms, and we suggest which fragrance you might give a glance to save you time and help avoid frustration. But algorithms learn gradually and will need some information about the perfumes you wear.Buying fragrances as souvenirs from your travels can create lasting memories associated with each scent. Local fragrances and ingredients can provide an authentic essence of the destination. Some perfume houses create exclusive fragrances or limited editions for specific locations. Purchasing these can make you feel like you're getting something exceptional.But don't forget that climate differences between the travel location and your home can affect how the fragrance smells. And there are limitations to testing time during travel, which is essential for understanding a fragrance's evolution. So be careful while testing and make your choice wisely.


8. Write down your impressions

And the most important - write down your impressions after each scent to remember how they differ. We developed our application to make it fast and easy to track and store the fragrance experience on the go.
For example, you can easily add new perfume on the Tested shelf while standing in the store and make your remarks for it immediately, marking any scent properties.

Choosing a perfume isn't just about smelling good; it's about crafting a sensory experience that aligns with the occasion and makes you feel your best. So go ahead, explore different scents, and find the perfect perfume that reflects your mood. We wish you a fantastic journey through this beautiful fragrant world, and Aromoshelf is here to help you. Although we are currently in test mode and the works are in progress, you can already find many useful features. So, stay with us.


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