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Falling in love

by Philosophy

Eau de Toilette

Perfumer: unknownLaunched: 2000

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: BlackberryHeart notes: JasminBase notes: Vanilla

Philosophy Falling in Love:Fragrance Description

Falling in Love by Philosophy Perfumes is a captivating fragrance that combines sun-ripened blackberries, sparkling jasmine, and smooth vanilla. Its meticulous composition is meant to effortlessly awaken your romantic side. With luscious blackberries, delicate jasmine, and velvety vanilla, this scent transports you to a realm of love and passion. Every whiff reveals an enticing symphony of aromas, inviting you to embrace the enchantment of falling in love. Let this mesmerizing fragrance be your guide on a journey of romance and desire.

It's hard to capture the feeling of falling in love, but we believe that we've done it. sun-ripened blackberries, sparkling jasmine, and meltingly-smooth vanilla create a scent experience designed to bring out your romantic side.


Philosophy's Falling in Love is an authentic blackberry perfume that stays true to the brand's reputation for clean fragrances. While hints of vanilla and lily-of-the-valley add subtle nuances, the pure essence of blackberry takes center stage.

This perfume is highly versatile for layering with other scents, offering a sweet and jammy opening that evokes the scent of freshly laundered linens. Some may even consider it a perfect choice for weddings.

With its true-to-life blackberry aroma and the ability to customize through layering, Falling in Love provides a delightful olfactory journey. It appeals to those seeking an authentic and versatile fragrance experience.

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Where to buy Falling in love

bottle of falling in love by philosophy

26 $15 ml

bottle of falling in love by philosophy

58 $60 ml

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Reviews of Falling in love

  • Illustration

    I wore "Falling in Love" YEARS ago and remember LOVING it. I thought Philosophy had discontinued it but then found it on Amazon while looking for another scent. Didn't pay close attention to size, so was disappointed at how small the bottle was. I would definitely get it again if it were a bigger bottle for that price or a cheaper price for that cute, little size. I'm going to enjoy the scent while it lasts, though:)

Tracy, Amazon

  • Illustration

    Falling In Love is pure fairytale clean, sweet & innocent. Lemons and blackberry burst forth then quietly calm to a comfortable light musk tinged with vanilla. Frankly, it's a little too clean for my taste. (Amazing Grace from this same house is preferable to me, it's less fruity.) What draws me to this scent is the 'philosophy' of the brand. Little life lessons/beliefs are written for each product and printed on the labels ~ which I love! Especially nice for young women, who seem to appreciate these neat & clean aromas too! While I won't be wearing this fragrance, I will be purchasing it to give as gifts this Christmas.

ubuandibeme, Base Notes


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