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by Anatole Lebreton


Perfumer: Anatole LebretonLaunched: 2015

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Raspberry, Violet, RhododendronHeart notes: Cosmétic Accord, Orris, Myrrh, RoseBase notes: Amber, Suede, Benzoin, Vanilla

Anatole Lebreton Incarnata:Fragrance Description

Anatole Lebreton's Incarnata fragrance resonates with many perfume lovers, evoking memories of old lipsticks and the moment of applying them for the first time. The powdery perfume begins with a dark and mysterious violet scent, accompanied by a hint of raspberries. A light, minty, vegetal breeze follows, along with woody tones. As the fragrance develops, a faint scent of anise emerges, adding to the uniqueness of the fragrance but not detracting from its old-fashioned quality.

A make-up accord in which the iris, very prominent, gradually gives way to a rose fruited by raspberry and powdered by violet. On the background, the ambery roundness of the balms mixes vanilla, benzoin and myrrh with a suede accord evoking the intimacy of make-up accessories at the bottom of a handbag.

Anatole Lebreton, Perfumer

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As the violet lingers, the raspberry gradually fades away, and the musk and cosmetic notes embrace the fragrance, adding a powdery accent that endures throughout the life of this captivating flower perfume. The gentle presence of suede, vanilla, and benzoin further enhances the composition, infusing it with a softness that envelops the senses.
The fragrance's unique combination of floral, fruity, and woody notes, along with its powdery and softening elements, creates a complex and evocative scent that is both nostalgic and modern. Whether reminded of a favorite lipstick from years past or simply drawn to the fragrance's mysterious and alluring qualities, Incarnata is a scent that is sure to captivate and delight.
Overall, Incarnata is reminiscent of old-fashioned lipstick, suede gloves, and feathers, making it a fragrance with a story for everyone.

bottle of Incarnata by Anatole Lebreton photo by brand

Perfume story

On a sunlit morning, golden rays streamed through the windows of a room enveloped in the captivating aroma of fresh roses. The woman, seated at her makeup table, was getting ready for a special event. Outside, the sky was painted in a soft shade of blue, with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves of nearby trees. The room was filled with anticipation and excitement, as the woman meticulously applied her makeup. The velvety petals of the roses caressed her senses, enhancing her connection to nature. Beside her, a plate overflowing with plump raspberries offered a burst of vibrant color and delicious sweetness. The atmosphere was infused with a delightful blend of floral scents and fruity allure, creating a sense of enchantment and beauty. With each brushstroke and delicate touch, the woman embraced the transformative power of makeup, confident and ready to shine at the special occasion that awaited her.

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Where to buy Incarnata

bottle of Incarnata by Anatole Lebreton

110 €50 ml

bottle of Incarnata by Anatole Lebreton

110 €50 ml

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