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L'eau Scandaleuse

by Anatole Lebreton


Perfumer: Anatole LebretonLaunched: 2014Olfactive family: Chypre Floral

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Bergamot, Peach, DavanaHeart notes: Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, LeatherBase notes: Castoreum, Cypriol Nagarmotha, Oakmoss

Anatole Lebreton L'eau Scandaleuse:Fragrance Description

Experience the initial burst of zesty bergamot, followed by the juicy sweetness of peach and the alluring touch of davana. As the fragrance unfolds, imagine the intoxicating and sensual presence of tuberose and ylang-ylang entwined with the distinctive scent of leather, creating a seductive and confident allure. Deep within, the base notes of castoreum, cypriol nagarmotha, and oakmoss add depth and sophistication, enveloping you in an irresistible blend of floral elegance and the rugged charm of a leather perfume. Allow this fragrance to transport you to a realm of timeless style and bold sensuality.

This fragrance is a passionate tango, a languorous fight, for those who know what they want!

The queen of floral bitches, the tuberose, falls in love with the patina of a dry, animal and sophisticated leather. Each scent’s animalist nature interlaces with the other, insolently yet sensually weaving together. And the pair languidly melts over a mossy carpet.

Anatole Lebreton, Perfumer

The captivating tuberose scent engages in a mesmerizing dance or an intense duel with dry leather, entwining them upon a bed of moss. The animalistic essence of both intertwines and mirrors each other, creating a bold and sensual embrace that defies conventions.

This fragrance exudes a seductive and intoxicating aura, fearlessly embracing its extravagant and scandalous nature. It captures the essence of passion, daringly pushing boundaries and igniting the senses with its unapologetically sensual character.

Perfume story

L'eau Scandaleuse entices from the start with the intriguing flicker of davana oil, like a guiding arrow towards a mysterious black door with a teasing peephole. What sets it apart is Anatole Lebreton's seamless connection between powdery sweetness and a dry, arid heart, leading to an alluringly animalistic dry-down. This unforeseen twist transports L'Eau Scandaleuse into an unexpectedly masculine realm, akin to a flamenco dancer in a light suit instead of the usual black attire. The fragrance offers a captivating and appropriately named experience that is both alluring and fascinating, showcasing its masculine charm with flair.

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Where to buy L'eau Scandaleuse

bottle of L'eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton photo by brand

130 €50 ml

bottle of L'eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton photo by brand

130 €50 ml

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