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by Francesca Dell'Oro

Eau de Parfum

Perfumer:Launched: 2018Olfactive family: Oriental, Gourmand, Citrus

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Green lemon, Pomelo, CardamomHeart notes: Dark chocolate, Caramel, Heliotrope flowers, Coffee BeansBase notes: Cedar Wood, Musky Accords, Vanilla

Francesca Dell'Oro OneMore:Fragrance Description

Francesca Dell'Oro OneMore is an exquisite fragrance, a true masterpiece. Combining Asian pomelo and Sicilian lemon, it adds an intriguing touch to this mesmerising sweet perfume. The chocolate note is utterly enchanting, with a delightful hint of bitterness that keeps you longing for more. Woody and spicy aromas intertwine, creating a deeply sweet and alluring blend. Its irresistible aroma ignites an indescribable olfactory passion, making it a must-have for fragrance enthusiasts.

Step into a world of enchantment with our fascinating chocolate perfume, designed to transport you to a realm of sensory delight. Unveiling a symphony of irresistible aromas, this fragrance artfully blends invigorating citrus notes of pomelo and lemon, infusing the air with a vibrant and refreshing aura. As you venture further, prepare to be seduced by the enticing embrace of rich chocolate and sweet caramel, wrapping you in a warm and indulgent experience.

But that's not all - delicate heliotrope flowers gracefully dance, casting a dreamlike spell over the composition. The woody notes of cedar wood provide a strong foundation, ensuring a harmonious balance. Finally, the velvety whispers of vanilla add a creamy sweetness, leaving a lasting impression of decadence.
Embark on an extraordinary olfactory journey as the luscious chocolate, invigorating citrus notes, and delightful sweet nuances intertwine, creating an enchanting fusion. Immerse yourself in this captivating fragrance, where each note tells a story of allure and magic.

bottle of One More by Francesca Dell'Oro photo by brand

The unconfessable olfactory lust is captured in this fragrance, with a sweetness that is never cloying. OneMore, with its intriguing combinations, vibrates in a voluptuous and gourmet dimension, where woody and spicy nuances accompany the seductive character of chocolate in unprecedented harmonies capable of stimulating the senses.


bottle of OneMore on the plate with a dessert

Perfume story

Once, there was a talented perfumer with a creative vision. He wanted to make a special perfume for people who love dreaming and romantic moments. To achieve this, he carefully selected different ingredients. He chose pomelo and lemon for a fresh and lively scent. Adding chocolate and caramel brought a sweet and cozy aroma. To create a dream-like feeling, he included heliotrope flowers. For a strong base, he used cedar wood, and a touch of vanilla gave it a special allure. When he combined all these elements, he created a truly magical gourmand perfume that could transport anyone to a world of dreams and romance.

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Where to buy One More

bottle of One More by Francesca Dell'Oro image

170 €100 ml

bottle of One More by Francesca Dell'Oro image

170 €100 ml

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