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Replica Whispers in the Library

by Maison Margiela

Eau de Toilette

Perfumer: Marie SalamagneLaunched: 2019Olfactive family: Spicy Amber

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Pink Pepper Essence, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli EssenceHeart notes: Cypriol Essence, Tonka Bean Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid from SiamBase notes: Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood Essence, Vetiver Essence

Maison Margiela Replica Whispers in the Library:Fragrance Description

"Replica Whispers in the Library" is a unique fragrance that captivates the senses with its woody and spicy oriental notes. It transports you to a realm where time appears to slow amidst rows of library books, enveloped by the scent of waxed wood shelves and accompanied by the hushed whispers of turned pages. Immerse yourself in the inviting aroma that evokes an infinite collection of books, surrounded by a gentle halo of light.
The familiar scent of books comes to life through a delightful fusion of pepper, benzoin, and vanilla, evoking memories of serene hours spent reading at a wooden desk. Wearing this fragrance envelops you in a nostalgic embrace of cedarwood, reminiscent of the tranquil and comforting moments found within the world of books. "Replica Whispers in the Library" beckons you to relive the enchanting ambiance of a serene library, where every turned page draws you closer to a world of imagination and discovery.

Whispers in the Library perfume bottle

The modern and refined Cedarwood essence brings an architectural majesty to the fragrance, with sharp woody inflections contrasting its warm and ambery facets. It easily transports you to the grandeur of ancient libraries, where time is spent reading at a polished wooden desk.
Vanilla absolute adds a sense of comfort, warmth, and sensuality, reminiscent of the leather covers of old books, inviting you to indulge in the pleasure of reading.
Benzoin Siam resinoid, a precious and luxurious ingredient, brings a rich and creamy sweetness, comforting like the feeling of being surrounded by books.

The Pink Pepper essence infuses a fresh and lively touch, with spicy and citrusy accents, evoking the dusty scent of old books in the library.
Together, these exceptional ingredients create a scent that whispers tales of literature and adventure, enticing you to immerse yourself in the world of books and imagination.

Between two bookshelves, go back to the chapter of your life where the scent of wood mingled with that of paper.
A memory from Whispers in the Library.


By the Fireplace image

Perfume story

Stepping into the old library, the man was flooded with nostalgic emotions. The scent of aged books and polished wood instantly send him back to his childhood days. The air was filled with a library smell of ink, paper, and a hint of vanilla, mingling with the soft embrace of leather-bound volumes.
Memories surged like a pouring rain, transporting him to the hours spent lost in the sanctuary of knowledge, surrounded by his favorite stories. As he meandered through the aisles, his fingers gently caressed the spines of familiar books, evoking whispers of characters and the rustle of turning pages.
The library held more than just books; it was a repository of cherished memories and emotions. In that moment, he felt a profound sense of peace and comfort, reliving the wonder of his past self. Leaving the library, he carried the essence of this special place, a precious memory to revisit whenever he longed for the solace of familiar words and the enchantment of boundless stories.

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Where to buy Whispers in the Library

bottle of Replica Whispers in the Liibrary by Maison Margiela image

$160100 ml

bottle of Replica Whispers in the Liibrary by Maison Margiela image

$160100 ml

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