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Replica Under the Lemon Trees

by Maison Margiela

Eau de Toilette

Perfumer: Violaine CollasLaunched: 2018Olfactive family: Citrus Floral

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Kalamansi Lime, Petit Grain, CardamomHeart notes: Coriander, Mate Absolute, Green TeaBase notes: Cedarwood, Citrus, Musks

Maison Margiela Replica Under the Lemon Trees:Fragrance Description

"The Replica Under the Lemon Trees" takes you on a journey to a bright and uplifting experience - a well-deserved nap in the cool shade of lemon trees after a warm summer day stroll. Enveloped by the shadows and the gentle scented breeze, you'll feel refreshed and revitalized.
The fragrance captures the vibrant and citrusy aroma of sparkling lemons through a skillful blend of calamansi lime accord. Meanwhile, the floral freshness of resting under the trees is beautifully conjured with notes of coriander and cedar wood. Together, these elements create a delightful and immersive scent, transporting you to the serene peacefulness of a lemon-scented oasis.

Replica Under the Lemon Trees perfume bottle

The Kalamansi Lime Accord is a delightful blend inspired by the small citrus tree known for its edible fruits during the winter. These fruits are both sour and aromatic, reminiscent of Bitter Orange. The Kalamansi exudes a zesty and sparkling essence with a hint of bitterness, adding an exotic and unique touch to the fragrance. Its delicately sweet undertones further enhance the overall sensory experience, creating a refreshing and invigorating aroma.
Coriander is a fragrant herb known for its dried fruits used as spices. In the fragrance, the coriander essence presents an aromatic and green character, offering a lively freshness. Additionally, it introduces delightful spicy and sweet nuances to the overall scent, enhancing its complexity and allure. The essence of coriander adds a touch of herbal vibrancy, contributing to the refreshing nature of the fragrance.

Virginian Cedarwood Essence is derived from the red-hued wood of the coniferous family. Its essence resides predominantly in the heart of the wood. The scent of Cedarwood is characterized by its woody and dry notes, with a subtle touch of freshness. As a result, it imparts a modern and refined aroma to the fragrance, elevating its overall appeal. Cedarwood brings a contemporary twist to the scent, adding sophistication and elegance to the composition.

The combination of lime accord, petitgrain and cedarwood essence evoke the Mediterranean symbol of the lemon tree. If dolce vita had a scent, it would be Under The Lemon Trees.


Perfume story

In the midst of a hot summer day, a weary traveler sought solace from the scorching sun. His wanderings led him to an encounter with a lemon tree with plenty of fruits. Its citrusy aroma beckoning him closer. Beneath this tree, he sought refuge, finding respite from the relentless heat and a moment to rest.

As he drifted into slumber, his subconscious dragged him to a dreamlike world - a serene Mediterranean shore. The mesmerizing rhythm of gentle waves and the distant cries of seagulls enveloped him, while the salty breeze kissed his cheeks with a soothing touch. Amidst this idyllic seascape, the tangy fragrance of lemons filled the air, drawing a connection between reality and the ethereal realm of dreams.

Upon waking, he found himself back under the lemon tree, yet something had changed within him. The memories of that dream-like sanctuary lingered, bestowing upon him a newfound sense of peace and rejuvenation. And from that day forward, whenever the scent of lemons graced his senses, he was transported back to that cherished vision, where a slice of paradise awaited amidst the desert's unforgiving embrace.

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Where to buy Under the Lemon Trees

bottle of Replica Under the Lemon Trees by Maison Margiela image

$160100 ml

bottle of Replica Under the Lemon Trees by Maison Margiela image

$160100 ml

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