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by Anatole Lebreton


Perfumer: Anatole LebretonLaunched: 2017

Perfume Pyramid

Top notes: Bergamot, Basil, LavenderHeart notes: Elemi, Olibanum, Sevillan lavender, Atlas cedarBase notes: Cumin, Patchouli, Moss and Muscs

Anatole Lebretone Grimoire:Fragrance Description

Anatole Lebreton's Grimoire is the fifth fragrance that takes inspiration from an ancient tome of spells known as a Grimoire. Step into a captivating world where a mysterious perfume unveils its intriguing secrets. Close your eyes and imagine a secluded cabin, embraced by lush green moss, while a garden of meticulously cultivated herbs and spices fills the air. Within this hidden haven, the fragrance of warm and rich woods pervades, evoking the scent of dusty pages. Enter an enigmatical realm with an alluring perfume. Incense whispers secrets, calling you to explore untapped power. Embark on a captivating journey filled with wonder and intrigue.
Grimoire's fragrance composition includes incense, pepper, smoky wood, bergamot, and lavender, resulting in a dry, warm scent with a subtle cumin note. The fragrance has moderate projection and sillage, with excellent longevity. The scent is ancient, rational, intellectual, and calm, with a depth and atmosphere unmatched by other perfumes. It transports the wearer to a calm place as if exploring the grounds of a medieval abbey and flipping through old books. The vibrant herbs in the scent bring to mind remedial tonics and fortifying potions boiled up in a cauldron from recipes passed down over generations.

Grimoire: a lot of frankincense, aromatic herbs, and a hint of cumin evoking dirt and the not so clean. Remembering us that under the spiritual volutes of incense hides the bestial smells of the living body.Anatole Lebreton, Perfumer
nd recipes: did you know that it contains two kinds of lavender?⠀First of all, a very fine lavender from Haute Provence, which is the lavender we all know.Depending on the altitude at which it grows, lavender does not have the same content and proportion of fragrant molecules. On the plains, it is more aromatic, at higher altitudes it is more flowery, soft and sweet.Haute Provence offers this topical balance which makes it an olfactory perfection.⠀Next comes Seville Lavender, known as Luisieri, in the form of absolute.A completely different story, much more liquorous, grassy, resinous and amber. A real marvel, unfortunately produced in very small quantities. It links the aromatic and resinous top notes of the head with the more ambered incense base of Grimoire. Anatole Lebreton, Perfumer

Grimoire is a must-try for fans of incense-focused perfumes. The fragrance represents history from the past and what is yet to come, evoking the power of the Grimoire and the magical realm waiting to be discovered. It is a powerful scent that takes you on a journey to a place of calm and wonder, with an atmosphere that lingers long after the fragrance has dissipated. Grimoire is a testament to Anatole Lebreton's creative genius and his ability to evoke powerful emotions and transport the wearer to a magical realm with just a few sprays.

Perfume story

In a picturesque village, a captivating woody perfume unfolded, crafted with utmost care. Bergamot and basil danced with vibrant energy, while lavender brought tranquility. Atlas cedar grounded the fragrance, infusing it with a woody allure, and cumin added an intriguing depth. Patchouli intertwined with moss, evoking nature's untamed beauty. Sensual muscs provided an air of mystery. Emotions stirred as the perfume unfolded - a burst of zest for adventurous souls, serenity for those seeking tranquility, boldness for the passionate, and sensuality for the mysterious. This fragrance celebrated diverse personalities, embracing joy, peace, boldness, and mystery. It enchanted all who wore it, allowing them to express their true selves and embark on a wondrous journey through life.

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Where to buy Grimoire

bottle of Grimoire by Anatole Lebreton

110 €50 ml

bottle of Grimoire by Anatole Lebreton

110 €50 ml

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